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"A shawl, a guitar, a voice and heartfelt emotion. These are the ingredients of Fado, the celebrated form of world music that
captures what it is to be Portuguese."
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Experience fado as only a few privileged ever do . . .

. . . via insider knowledge shared with your personal guide, Diogo, whose qualifications include being a member of Portugal's most famous fado family:

Diogo grew up listening to his great-aunt, Amália Rodrigues, and her sister Celeste, his grandmother, sing fado, the soul music of Portugal.

When Amália, a national icon, died in 1999, the Portuguese government declared three (3) days of mourning. Celeste, now 85, still sings fado while Diogo manages her schedule, travelling with her around the world and to some of Lisbon's most intimate fado houses.

Now you can join Diogo and Lisbon's "extended family" of fadistas, some legendary, others contemporary, for an evening of saudade, the rich savoring of things past.

Fun, informal... unforgettable.
Enjoy a leisurely meal and drinks at one, or more, of Lisbon's fado houses while learning firsthand about the different fado styles, instruments, emotions and performers.

Diogo is also an accomplished chef and can provide insight into the foods, wines, history and culture which gently color every visit to Lisbon.

In combination with his friendly nature and lively sense of humor, this intimate tour may well be the highlight of your trip.

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Ready for some research? Read about Amália Rodrigues and her sister, Celeste Rodrigues, or enjoy some fado clips via the links, below.

Private Fado Tour
8:30pm Meet and taxi together to fado house
9-11:00pm Dinner and Fado Show
11:30-1:00am+ If desired, visit an "insider's" fado house just as fado begins to come alive

Note: silence is strictly observed while fado is sung.

€200 for 1-3 guests; €60 each additional person
(dinner/show/taxi not included)
Please ask about special group pricing.

Click the CD cover, below, to hear Celeste

Fado CD - Celeste Rodrigues

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